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Our approach to aesthetic excellence

At Dr Hanson Clinic, we believe in the power of subtle, natural-looking enhancements that accentuate your unique beauty.

Our clinic, located on London’s prestigious Harley Street, firmly recognises that every individual’s beauty is unique. Therefore, our treatments are designed to complement your natural features, not overshadow them.

Our philosophy is rooted in the timeless principles of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, emphasising patience, harmony, and a deep understanding of the individual’s needs.

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“I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of aesthetics, to the enhancement of natural beauty that lies within every individual.”

– Dr. Hanson Yu, MBBS MSc MBCAM, qualified and licensed doctor under the esteemed General Medical Council

A symphony of technology and tradition

Under the guidance of Dr. Hanson, MBBS MSc MBCAM, a GMC licensed medical doctor  with extensive experience in aesthetic medicine, we blend cutting-edge technologies with traditional Eastern philosophies

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to provide the best quality treatments and service possible in the field.

An overall artistic approach, guided by the wisdom of ancient Eastern traditions and the precision of modern technology, allows for the perfect balances to create subtle yet elegant results.

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Dr Hanson Clinic - Results Made to Last

Results made to last

Our goal is to enhance your natural features to the best it can be, not to create an artificial or overly done appearance.

Lasting results are performed with patience and subtlety, ensuring that your results will not only look beautiful today but will also age gracefully with you.

We also strive to create a natural look that reflects your true essence, one that radiates confidence and self-assurance for years to come.

Dr Hanson is very professional and I would highly recommend him as a practitioner. Every single step was clearly explained and Dr Hanson ensured that I fully understood them as English is not my first language. I am beyond satisfied with the results and will be entrusting Dr Hanson with any future procedures on my face.
Olessia, Google Reviews
Dr Hanson is absolutely incredible and there is no one else I’d ever let near my face. He is so unbelievably thorough and ridiculously skilled. My treatments have rejuvenated and enhanced my looks, whilst staying completed natural. I look fresh faced and awake without looking like I’ve had anything “done”.
Emma, Google Reviews
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