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Dr. Hanson, MBBS MSc MBCAM, is a highly qualified doctor, licensed to practice under the authority and regulation of the General Medical Council. His parents and grandparents before him were all medical professionals, so clinical excellence is very much a family tradition.

Dr Hanson has established a reputation for artistry in aesthetics. He has a careful and graceful approach, committed to reversing the signs of ageing and restoring the natural beauty in your features, rather than augmentation or modification. For this reason, his work attracts a clientele who want results which are visible but not noticeable, striking but natural-looking.

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We never forget that our work affects how you feel about yourself. So we are personally grateful, every day, to the patients who trust us with their appearance. We owe you the time, consideration and skill to get you the results you seek.

The Dr Hanson Clinic therefore promises accomplished aesthetics practice from qualified clinical professionals.

Our clinic in Harley Street, in the centre of London, offers a leading range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to preserve youthfulness and arrest the signs of ageing. We will be only too pleased to take you through all the options at an initial consultation.

Dr Hanson is very professional and I would highly recommend him as a practitioner. Every single step was clearly explained and Dr Hanson ensured that I fully understood them as English is not my first language. I am beyond satisfied with the results and will be entrusting Dr Hanson with any future procedures on my face.
Olessia, Google Reviews
Dr Hanson is absolutely incredible and there is no one else I’d ever let near my face. He is so unbelievably thorough and ridiculously skilled. My treatments have rejuvenated and enhanced my looks, whilst staying completed natural. I look fresh faced and awake without looking like I’ve had anything “done”.
Emma, Google Reviews
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